Friday, April 10, 2015

Product Review: Power PraiseMoves

You might remember me writing about PraiseMoves a little over a year ago. I was quite thrilled to find something that resembled the quiet and peacefulness of yoga, but at the same time, encouraged you to focus on Jesus while you were exercising.

After a while of doing 40 Days (see previous review!) I realized that I was ready for something more challenging with a few more postures that would get me moving in different ways.

So I emailed Laurette, and asked her if I could review Power PraiseMoves. She said yes, and today I'm here to share my thoughts on it, along with something I've been thinking about.

So Power PraiseMoves follows a similar layout to 40 Days. The music is still piano music, and Laurette's calming voice is still walking you through each posture. The menu is easy to navigate, which I always find helpful when you're groggily crawling out of bed and trying to hit "play" on your workout. (I'm a firm believer in the idea that technology shouldn't be a workout to figure out.)

The Power PraiseMoves DVD includes: 35 minute power workout, two 25 minute workouts (which you can combine to get a 50 minute workout), a warm up workout, an abs strengthening workout, and a really helpful booklet with pictures and descriptions of all the PraiseMove postures. 

So as you can see, you're getting more than just a single workout in this set! I just got done doing the 35 minute power workout, and yeah, it stretches you. Since this is a power workout, it's not as slow and relaxing as you might picture PraiseMoves generally being. This workout was designed to get your body moving, to strengthen you, and get your blood pumping. If you wanted a slower workout, you can do one of the 25 minute workouts, or else search out a different PraiseMoves DVD that is specially designed to a slow, peaceful workout. (I'd recommend the p.m. workout in 40 Days! I love that one for right before bedtime.)

I'm looking forward to getting better at the power workout. I've noticed that it takes me about 3 times of watching/doing/listening/experimenting to finally be able to just do the workout along with the video. So be sure to give yourself grace as you're learning a new workout (this goes for any workout!) and withing a few days of consistently practicing, you'll be able to follow along without frustration. I really enjoyed getting to experience some postures that I hadn't heard of before, and I'm excited to help my muscles relax and grow!

As with 40 Days, I'd highly recommend this Power PraiseMoves workout. I LOVE the fact that no matter what shape you're in or how old you are, PraiseMoves WILL work for you! My two year old son loves doing PraiseMoves with me, and it is just the most adorable thing ever when he does the rainbow posture, or the reed posture. I'm happy that he finds exercising fun!

A word about "normal" yoga...

I've wondered for years about yoga, and the effects it has on people. I think that yoga is a great exercise technique, and that it is a wonderful way to relax, let go, build muscle, concentration, strengthen your body, and give yourself self-care. I know that yoga is sometimes used in worship to other gods, and that some yoga postures are actual offerings to gods. However, I'm not sure that this is enough reason to avoid yoga. You can make that argument about almost anything...Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, sexual intercourse, using herbs as medicine, crystals, prayer beads, tattoos, meditation, mantras, etc. The list could go on and on.

So with that out of the way, someone might say that yoga is bad because you are trained to "empty yourself" so that something else (other than God) can fill you. I do believe this is quite dangerous, and I don't think it is a safe thing to do. BUT! I do think we should empty ourselves OF ourselves and ask God to come fill us! So I just kind of took the coin and flipped it around. As Christians we need to redeem pagan practices for the glory of God, and I don't think we should shy away from doing this.

Think of Joseph in the Bible. What people intended for evil, God turned into good. There are numerous examples like this throughout the Bible.

We all have different ways of redeeming things and Laurette Willis' way is by creating PraiseMoves. And if you're looking for an actual alternative to yoga that ISN'T yoga, then you will really find PraiseMoves helpful. If you don't have an issue with yoga itself, then that's fine too! Keep exercising! I'd just encourage you to make sure that you are indeed redeeming it for the Lord, and letting him fill you.

So what are your thoughts on all of this? Have you used PraiseMoves? Do you like it? Do you think Christians should practice yoga? I've shared my thoughts with you, now I'd love to hear yours!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Product Review: Hotmilk Nursing Bra

I am so excited about this review. SO EXCITED! I'm just going to start by saying that this is THE
most comfortable bra (nursing or otherwise!) that I've ever put on. And by far the most beautiful too! People are right when they say that a correctly fitting bra makes all the difference. It's no joke.

So for this review, I'm going to list one by one the things I love about this nursing bra. Then at the end, I'll tell you the things I don't like. (Are there any? We'll have to see...)

No under-wire! Which means it's more comfortable, and way healthier for your breasts. Under-wires can be too constricting sometimes, not allowing blood (and milk) to flow where it needs to flow, causing issues. So this bra will help keep you healthy, as well as feeling beautiful and supported!

It's beautiful! I'm not kidding. It is SO beautiful. The top couple inches are a gorgous black lace type fabric, which also has a backing (so it's not itchy at all.) After the lace there is a pretty floral pattern that is silky soft. The back of the bra is a slightly see through (very sexy!) and that leads me to...

This bra was made to hold nursing boobs! It has a a 6 hook and eye closure on the back. SIX! This bra is going to fit you from the time you're engorged, until your child has weaned. I'm not even kidding. It's wonderful. Another thing I love is that the cups were even designed to stretch to accommodate growth. A nursing mom's dream? I think so. It offers a good (perfect) amount of coverage - not too much, not too little. And the straps are thick, but not too thick that you couldn't wear a tank top with it.

It's easy to unsnap when it's time to feed! It has the standard nursing bra/tank snaps for unhooking for easy access. The sound that babies everywhere recognize and wake up to even in a dead sleep. ;)

Did I mention it's beautiful? Maybe I just haven't experimented with bras very much, but this thing is so pretty! Right down to the adorable little pink bow in the center. It makes ya feel like a million bucks.

It's supportive! No under-wire? No problem! This bra was made to support mama boobs. And that's not a task to be taken lightly, as any nursing mother knows. This bra beats nursing tanks, sports bras, and any other nursing bra I've ever tried in all areas, but especially the support area.

Holds up really well to being washed. Hey, it's always a plus when your brand new expensive bra doesn't fall apart in the washing machine.

Things I don't like about this bra...

The back rides up. I have no idea if it's just me, or if it's the bra. But it's downright annoying and frustrating. This would make wearing any sort of scoop back shirt a no-go since all you'd be able to see was the back of a bra that is sitting way too high. I've tried loosening the straps, but when I do that, it's not nearly supportive enough. Soooo...there's that.


Go here. Right now. Buy yourself one. I promise you won't regret it! And if you have any advice as to what I'm doing wrong when it comes to the back of this thing, please enlighten me!