Sunday, June 15, 2014

A June Update

**Deep breath** The past two months have been full of all sorts of craziness! Thankfully, it's all been really good crazy stuff. Chuck and I like some crazy always means lots of adventure which usually entails exploring new areas, getting to do fun things, meeting new people, and just having a generally great time. So if you've been's the lowdown!

About two months ago we were enjoying a movie and lunch on the living room couch when Chuck got a phone call from our realtor saying that there's this house she thinks we should go look at. She emailed us the information we needed right away, we took a look, and then left our apartment to go see this adorable little house. It was love at first sight. Seriously. When Chuck showed me the pictures on the computer before we even left the house, I was so.excited. The house is amazballs.

We drove over a couple neighborhoods and found the house with the for sale sign in the front. It was even more adorable in person! We toured it, absolutely loved it, and called our realtor back and told her we'd like to move forward with the process. Skip ahead two months...

Tomorrow we're officially taking possession of our very first home!! We are so super duper excited and all through today I haven't been able to stop thinking about the moment tomorrow when the keys are in our hands for real life. Real live life. God has given us the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, and I can't wait to see how he is going to use us in the community!

Today happens to be Father's Day, and also mine and Chuck's 2 year anniversary. Chuck took us down to Seattle for a delicious surprise dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse...ohmaygoodness. SO GOOD! I ate way more than any pregnant woman should be able to fit into her stomach, and I don't regret it one single bit. The food was absolutely splendiferous

After we were done eating, we went and found a Goodwill and shopped around there for a while. I found 3 Dr. Sears books that I didn't have in my library yet, so I scooped those up right away. Such a great find! Chuck found a couple of books as well, along with some neat coffee mugs. (You can't leave a Goodwill without hitting up both of those sections!) We also snagged some fun looking games which we're planning on trying out this evening as soon as Q goes to sleep.

Mmmm. Coffee, some delicious caramel popcorn, and a game. Sounds like a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Last week some family came to visit us here, and that was really fun. It was so nice to be able to show Bellingham off to someone! We walked around downtown, drove down to Seattle to explore Pike Place Market, and had tons of fun grilling out and talking. It was a really good week.

This little baby in my belly is growing really well. We probably have around 3-5 weeks left before it's time to give birth, and I have a few specific goals for these coming weeks.

  • Spend as much quality time with Qoheleth as I possibly can
  • Do as little as possible with moving and such (this excludes packing boxes. I insist I must help with that.)
  • Make sure I'm sitting/walking/sleeping/standing so that my body is fully and correctly aligned 
  • Double check my birth supplies (and figure out where in our new house I want to give birth)

All in all, things are ready and set! We have all of our birth supplies (that I know of, anyway) and are well prepared. The only thing that I can think of that I'd still like to get (not necessary, just a nice thing to have) is a baby scale. I'm still debating on which kind to get...

Once we move into our new home, I'm going to get busy whipping up some freezer meals for after baby gets here. It's always nice to have those on hand! They are really fun and easy to make, plus it's so rewarding when you don't feel like cooking to still be able to pull out a home cooked meal that is just as healthy as if you had spent an hour in the kitchen! Yay for freezer meals!

For Father's Day today, Q gave Chuck a brush for his beard (have you seen his beard lately? It's magnificent!) and also a coffee mug with a photo collage featuring pictures of the little man. Chuck loved them both! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband for my children to call daddy. We are all SO blessed!

Also, last month we celebrated Qoheleth's first birthday. Whaaaaa?! How does time fly this fast?! I can't even believe he's a year old, but he proves it to me everyday. He is so smart. He learns so fast. I love watching him explore and try new things. It's incredible to see the light in his eyes when he figures something out. It's amazing to watch him put on Chuck's watch just like it's supposed to go or use a a Lego block to talk on the phone. How on earth am I so lucky to be this little boy's mom?! Blessed beyond measure, it's for sure.

Everything else is going well. Life is pretty normal aside from all the abnormalities. ;) Keeping busy, serving God, growing everyday closer as a family, closer to the Creator, and loving every moment of it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Product Review: Yummi Pouches

You've seen those handy little pouches in the grocery store full of organic, pureed baby food that sell for around $1.50 each, right? If you've ever decided to splurge and buy one or two, you've also probably learned that they are very practical. Oh so very handy. Easy. Quick. Pretty much everything a mother wants when feeding their little one on the go!

Well, if you're like me, you can't fathom regularly spending that much money on baby food. Especially pureed baby food that is almost just as easy to make at home as it is to walk inside a store and select the flavor you want. Also, if you're not buying organic, then you're definitely getting ripped off.

So, after picking up a couple organic pouches for Qoheleth one day before we went on a little day-trip, and discovering that they are indeed very handy, and that he really really loved them, I decided to look into finding some reusable pouches in which I could fill with homemade foods like smoothies, oatmeal, and other delicious stuffs. That's when I discovered Yummi Pouch!

Since we did/do baby led weaning, we skipped over the pureed food stage. But don't let that deter you from using Yummi Pouches! Like I mentioned above, there's lot of other delicious wholesome things you can fill these pouches with. Here are a few of the things I've done:

  • Applesauce 
  • Leftover potato soup
  • Granola soaked in milk
I've also  thrown together a mixture of sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, milk, yogurt, and a few other random things and pureed it all up. He's not so much a fan of that type of stuff, but the applesauce, soup, and granola were a big hit! Usually Q drinks his smoothies out of a cup with a straw (we don't use regular sippy cups - only the kind with a straw), but Yummi Pouches would most certainly work well for smoothies as well.

So, let's talk a little about the pros and cons of these little guys. Being that they are reusable, as opposed to the ones you buy pre-filled at the store, these are things you may not have previously thought about.


  • They can be a little difficult to clean really well. You will definitely need a type of bottle scrubber, and specifically probably a straw scrubber as well, to clean the openings where the baby puts their mouth to suck.
  • The caps can be easily lost. I think it would be awesome if Yummi Pouch were to sell a pouch where the caps were somehow attached via a short string or some sort! 
  • They can be easy to over fill, and therefore, overflow when you try to zip them up.
  • They are technically dishwasher safe, however, I don't see how a dishwasher could clean them well at all, plus, I think they'd just end up floating around in there due to their light weight.


  • They make snacking on the go super duper easy!
  • Some of them have expanding bottom gussets, which make filling them easier, plus, when opened all the way, enables the pouch to hold lots of food.
  • They are cute! Just check out some of these patterns!
  • They are really easy for you child to use. Q likes me to hold them for him, but with a little more practice, he'll be able to do it all himself! (Note: babies that like to squeeze things will probably make a mess if left to their selves. ;) )
  • They are grab and go. Make ahead, and before you leave for the day, throw a couple in the diaper bag! 
  • They are freezer safe. 
  • The bigger pouches have a "fill line" on them. I find this very helpful. 
  • The cap that come on the store bought pre-filled pouches fit the Yummi Pouches. Always good to know in case you lose a cap and you're in a pinch! You can also buy replacement caps directly from Yummi Pouch. 
  • They are durable, and if taken care of, will last a long time.
  • They are BPA and Phthalate free!

My Recommendation 

If you're looking for something new to try, then these are most certainly worth a shot! I'd recommend buying an assortment of sizes, so that you have mini snacks, snacks, and then meal sizes. If you decide you want to try a Yummi Pouch, be sure to use this coupon code for 10% off

Also, while you're at it, be sure to check out Yummi Pouch on Facebook and Twitter!

And as always, if you decide to check them out, please leave your thoughts in the comments below!